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Picture of Defy Aircon Portable 12000BTU ACPHP12K

Defy Aircon Portable 12000BTU ACPHP12K

Defy "A" energy rated Portable 1200BTU Air Conditioners consume small amounts of electricity, which result in reducing electricity bills & benefiting the environment
Picture of Defy Aircooler 100W

Defy Aircooler 100W

This Defy 100W Air Cooler has 3 speed modes & 3-in-1 functionality to keep you cool & refreshed in hot, dry conditions
Picture of Defy Aircooler 65W

Defy Aircooler 65W

By blowing a stream of air through the ice & cold water, Defy 65W Air Cooler e­fficiently brings down the heat inside your home, without using any refrigerant or other artificial means that would clash with your beliefs.
Picture of Symphony Cooler/Heater Oxycool

Symphony Cooler/Heater Oxycool

Symphony Oxycool with Heating & Cooling Options.
3 Speed Blower, 7 Hours Timer & Swing Option
Remote Controlled & Gel Ice Brick Included.
Picture of Symphony Noble Cooler/Heater

Symphony Noble Cooler/Heater

Sumphony Cooler or Heater, Suitable for Rooms up to 10m with a 2 9.5Lt Tank, Remote & 3 Speeds Auto Vertical Louver

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